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Enjoy complete piece of mind with secure and fast website design & SEO.

Lightning Speed

Our hosting environment uses a dedicated server to provide our clients with the fastest possible browsing experience.

Zero Downtime

Changes to your site and hosting environment can be made instantaneously with no need to take your website down.

Intuitive Interfaces

Our development environment’s modern design ensures that any changes required on your website are quicker to perform (and cost you less).

Encrypted Security

Each website comes with an SSL key which protects your users information, as well as frequent website backups to prevent data loss.

SEO packages

Proper Search Engine Optimization is essential to ensure your online presence is as effective as it can be by identifying keywords and phrases your customers use to find your business online.

Web Hosting

Your website will be faster than ever before when hosted from our ‘Vultr’ servers. You keep your same domain with a seamless move! Zero hassle, all the reward.

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The best web design, hosting, and SEO in New York

Just having a beautiful website simply doesn’t cut it in today’s world of back-end technologies. When Google looks for your website, it thinks that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s a problem for amateur web developers who don’t understand how to properly manage a website’s SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

JA Media is ready to offer you not only the cheapest possible plans on web design and SEO services, but we also provide pricing plans based on each individual project when requested, catering to your every need. Why don’t you check out what we have to offer? Our professional designers are waiting to work with you.

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